Ramdhanu: Edition-03

Dear friends,jodhpur-park-durga-puja
Please find attached the 3rd edition of Ramdhanu.
We are exactly 15 days away from Durga Puja. The preparation for the Puja is at peak – everybody must be feeling that same excitement and happiness that we feel every year just before Mahalaya. This edition of Ramdhanu will heighten this excitement, as this edition provides some glimpse of Puja fashion and food.
I am happy to see that the number of contributors are increasing with every edition. Unfortunately, there is a limitation of size of the magazine as this is circulated over mail and hence I am not able to publish everything that I get. However, I will ensure that we do this in the next edition.
I request you all to read it in a big screen (laptop or tab) and avoid reading this on your mobile phone. Parents can give a printout (please re-use paper) for children for easy reading.
Please read this and give me your feedback which will help me improve the future editions



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